Sunday, March 9, 2014

Week 3 Already!?

This is crazy! I feel like I was just here emailing you all yesterday!
I don't have as much to report this week. We get to go proselyting in the real world on Wednesday and we're all dying to get out there! The group ahead of us came back from proselyting totally high on life. They reported a lot of crazy things though, like having to walk across a plank over the sewer, and meeting a family who was eating one of their puppies. Crazy stuff... otherwise it's been an average week. I got really really sick on Saturday and lost 5 pounds because of the stomach flu. Luckily I was one of the first to get it. It's going around the MTC now. The nurse says we picked it up from the temple because some of the workers had just gotten the virus. Talk about blessings of the temple, right? ;) Being sick away from home is the worst thing in the world! It makes you so homesick! Not only is mom not there to take care of you, but you also don't have the comfort of your own bed, no access to fluids or food that you can eat or anything like that. You can't watch TV to get your mind off of the pain, you can't read because you can't focus. I basically laid in bed all day staring at the wall because I couldn't sleep with the pain. And since the MTC is so small, word gets around fast. Everyone decided to come and visit me. Even my evening teacher came up. Which is the last thing sick people want... But I'm so grateful for how kind everyone was to me, especially my companion and the MTC nurse. My companion had to miss a temple visit because of me and the nurse had to keep running up and down 4 flights of stairs to bring me medication. She even made a trip to the store to get me some Sprite and crackers. Now that I think about it, I'm sure that it was a blessing that I got sick here in the MTC where we have flushing toilets, beds, hot showers and air conditioning rather than the field where none of that is a guarentee.
We also got to have a member of the 1st Quorum of the 70 come and speak to us. It was Elder Ardern (spelling?) from New Zealand and his wife. When I shook his hand, he told me to tell my mother that he says thank you for allowing me to have piano lessons. So there ya go, mom! :) Really though, thank you! It's been a huge blessing to me and I've been able to help a lot of people because of it. He was such a powerful speaker! He talked about how key repentance is in the gospel of Jesus Christ and how we really need to make it a priority in teaching investigators. The accent made it even better, haha.
I just continue to be amazed at how hard working and humble the Filipino people are. When the new missionaries were dropped off, we found out that there are hardly any jobs here in the Philippines that pay enough to support families, so the father or the mother has to leave their family and go work in the US. That was the case with most of the people we met. Also there are janitors and gardeners here who live 3 hours away in the provinces and make the trip at 3 AM to get here by 6 AM. Some of them are pretty high up there in age. Their testimonies are so strong, though! It's such a humbling thing to see.
So that's pretty much it! We didn't get to go to the temple today because they're cleaning it. We miss the missionaries who just left for the field but the new batch is a lot of fun! There's a sister who went to American Fork High School and lives right near grandpa's house. There's also a really sweet hearted elder who has a bit of a learning/social disability and is really homesick. But everyone has been so warm and loving to him. It's amazing to see how the gospel brings people together.
Have a safe week. Mahal ko kayo!
Sister Wilson

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