Monday, May 5, 2014

First Transfer

Well, I'm half way through my training! Crazy how time flies. I'm almost a real missionary, haha! This week has been interesting... Last P-day we found out that our neighboring house has like 3 white people living there so we're really excited to talk to them. The neighborhood we live in has a lot of English speakers and we have appointments to go and teach them soon - hallelujah! I'm so excited. 

Last week we taught Dianne, one of our investigators with a b-date and she's so excited about the gospel that she brought over MORE family members so we taught the first lesson for the 3rd time, and they also accepted a b-date. When we left their house, it started raining really really hard and we got stranded under a fishball tent. We waited for 20 minutes for the rain to stop but it didn't so we ran to a member's house. Then all the frogs came out... which was super hilarious because Sister Surio is terrified of frogs. She was squealing the whole way there. Good times. :) When we got to the member's house she insisted on feeding us dinner. Her little girl is on a "diet" so she hands her a plate of food and says, "Here, this is all you get because you are fat." On the plate it was cheese bread, noodles, rice, etc. And she kept adding to the plate and saying, "Ok, now that's all you get." It cracked us up. 

Wednesday was wonderful because we ran into the bishop and he started talking to this family. He had the elders with him and since it's not their area they couldn't go in and teach them. Once we got there, we were all invited in to share. It was an incredible lesson! The dad said he was pure (another world religion) and not looking to change. Then his countenance changed. He said when we all bore our testimonies he got goosebumps. When we handed his wife the Book of Mormon, she held it like it was gold in her hands. The next day we found out that the family was a referral from bishop's wife but he didn't even know, he just felt like we should talk to them. Amazing! Bishop's wife says she's been reading and the father has been talking about changing religions. 

It was a sad week for families. One of our less active families has split up. The mom and dad were never actually married, as is common in the Philippines, so it's easier for them to just pack up and go. We were also teaching a 16 and 11 year old who were brothers. The older one moved to Cebu and the younger one moved to Cavite. They have different dads so they had to separate. They never made it to baptism. They were progressing hugely for a while but then it died. We were pretty heartbroken. 

So Sister Surio and I had a lice scare this week. Haha! She has a lice come and she thought she had lice eggs in her hair. We bought lice shampoo really dang fast and got rid of it... not sure if she actually had lice but with all the kids we see every day it's totally possible. The same day we had another service project, street sweeping (which is desperately needed) and then we had to run home to change for a wedding for our ward member. After that we had to run to our chapel to teach our music class. They're gonna be singing in sacrament this weekend, the same meeting I have to speak in (yikes!!). After the class, Sister Surio and I lingered for a few minutes to talk to a ward member who is a surgeon. He talked about his life as a doctor because she and I are both studying the body in school. It was amazing. We learned so much. Then we had an FHE in the elder's area with a less active. It was a crazy day. 

Kind of a random week but I'm learning a ton and growing every day. I'm so sad to see my friends go with this transfer. I don't like transfers... two of our sisters were pulled out. I guess that's all this time. I love you! Yes, you! ;)


Sister Wilson

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