Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope all the wonderful mothers I know had a great day full of food, flowers and primary kids serenading them! I love you all. I was so excited to be able to skype with my family today! It was the highlight of the 3 months I've had so far! As far as my week, it was pretty average. We're having a hard time getting people to keep their commitments so we have very few people actually progressing. It's impossible for them to gain testimonies without acting on the commitments we extend. We've been a little bit frustrated but discouragement is the opposite of hope and faith. 

I had to speak in church yesterday. It was pretty scary. It felt like a really irrelevant subject (missionary work) to speak on on Mother's Day... slightly awkward but that's what the bishop asked for. Then right before the meeting he wanted me to change my subject. It was a day full of highs and lows. The brother that we baptized on Saturday didn't come to churchSunday to be confirmed because he got the flu. However, we had another investigator come to church. Then she got in trouble with her boss for leaving the house because she's a nanny. (The boss is a less active member.) So she asked us to drop her. It was so sad because she's so prepared. Then we got excited all over again because a person we contacted on the street came to church. And then... he got offended faster than I've ever seen. He said it was because a girl he sees every day never talks to him on the street and then suddenly she talked to him at church and "she's not a good example." Talk about an emotional roller coaster. The people we taught voice lessons to attended church as well and stayed for all 3 hours! They really enjoyed church and the performance was beautiful. We sent them home with BoMs. After we sent them home, a less active invited all the missionaries over for an FHE, (high) and then we had to cancel and give impropmtu talks at a funeral for someone none of us knew (low). Crazy day. By the way, don't try making brownies in a rice cooker. Sounds good in theory but it's a bad idea. 

Sister Surio and I were asked to perform a song for a mission wide conference by President Sperry. I'm so excited! We've become the well-known dynamic duo! A member of the 70 will be there and it will be the last gathering with President Sperry as our mission president. He will be released in June. :( At least he gets to see all of his missionaries together one more time right before he goes, and the mission is once again thriving and very obedient. He did an amazing job of turning it around and making a bad situation good. He finally trusts all of us again after the bad batch. 

Our zone has started a "Biggest Loser" contest for this transfer because we're sick of being fat, haha. Seriously though, eating rice and carbohydrates on carbohydrates takes a toll on your stomach and on your health. We're gonna change our lives! It's gonna be great. Now to figure out what we're going to eat instead... 

I can't believe I've been out for 3 months now. I hope to continue hearing from people! I miss everyone like crazy. Can someone tell me what we eat in America on a daily basis? Because I really don't remember anymore. I love you! 

Sister Wilson

ETA: From a later email same evening:

AHH! Something I forgot to tell you. The missionaries in the Philippines are known as "Joes." I don't know why. But they always say "Hey Joe! Wazzup! Where ya goin! Whatcha name!" when they see American missionaries. And then again with the "You guys eat a lot of bread right?" Haha! Fun fact.

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