Friday, December 5, 2014

November 17, 2014. Hump day, half way home...

Cutest primary kid ever.

Baliwag, P-day adventure.

Hi, mga chuploks!

Today was a normal day in the Philippines. We went to Baliwag zone which is even more of a rural province than Malolos. Rolling hills of green and... beautifulness. We had these two Filipino women at a tourism office lead us through this rocky mountain of rivers and up a waterfall, which we scaled in our bare feet, which led to a huge cave surrounded in vines that you can swing on where we ate tropical fruits and played the ukelele. Hehe, it's true what they say... it's more fun in the Philippines.
We had a baptism, hooray! Hershey and Kaycee Cristobal were baptized on Saturday. I was so sick that day, but I was able to get myself together enough to get to the church. They are so makulit. I'm broken so I don't really remember the English word... but that's how I would describe them because after the baptism when they were asked to share a message, they said, "Thank you sisters, we love you, amen." Oh well... I'd like to see anyone else try to teach 10 year olds church doctrine.
I also had exchanges with another pair of sisters. One of them is brand new from America so I was really happy to go on exchanges with her. I remember how much exchanges helped me in my training. I can really sympathize with where she's at. Right now is the hardest part so I knew exactly how to conduct the exchange. I also witnessed her first street food. It was so fun, and relieving to chat with an American for a while!

I feel like we've hit a wall with a lot of our investigators and because every week we have to go on exchanges, we don't have much time left to help them work out their problems. But last night we had a good experience in proselyting. We were trying to contact a referral but nobody was home. So we walked the opposite direction and I had the very distinct impression to talk to a lady sitting on her front porch. She looked very emotionally weary. We talked to her for about 2 minutes and we asked if we could teach her. She thought for a minute and let us in. She opened right up to us and at the end of the lesson, she told us, "So many people come here telling me about religions and I never let them in. I don't know what's different about you two, why I let you in or why I feel so comfortable opening up to you. I really don't understand why I'm doing this, but you two are different." The spirit was really really strong. I'm really glad I was receptive to the spirit at that time.
So... yun lang. Sorry, wala na akong sabihin pero mahal ko kayo, siyempre! Ingat lagi!

Sister Wilson

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