Monday, December 8, 2014

It's All Typhoon-y Again. 12/7/2014

Bamboo products, anyone?

Vegetable garden service project! Took forEVER..

The new batch of STL's :)
Waiting for our new comps together

We found a Dairy Queen!!! But the sizes are ridiculously small... and it's just not the same... oh well.
The kitchen... AFTER the cockroach rampage.
Two Americans praying over their pizza in a Filipino restaurant.
K:  Mom, I bet you saw a lot of this on the Amazing Race, right? :) There's barbecue blood, chicken intestine, chicken skin, skewered hot dog and pork BBQ. You eat it dipped in vinegar, onion and garlic. Doesn't that just get your appetite going? ;)

Mom:  You're not seriously eating that, are you?

K:  Lol, no, 
I'm eating turon! It's a banana fried in a crunchy wrapper. I was just hoping you'd think I was eating that. ;)

Hey everyone,

It's all typhone-y again. But you should be glad when you hear that because it means that I'm not sweating for a day or two. It still doesn't feel like Christmas, no matter how many lights are hung or how many Christmas songs I hear. I just can't really make the connection in my brain with hot weather and Christmas. It feels like I'm frozen in time in an eternal summer. 

I don't have anything really news-y for you this week. I do have a new companion though, Sister Andres. She's 4 foot 10 so she looks more like my side-kick than my companion, hehe. She's from Isabella, pretty close by but they speak a different dialect so sometimes I have nosebleeds. She has a LOT of energy and is always bubbly and happy, loves to cook and clean, so we're set. I'm supposed to train her to be a sister training leader... but I still don't know what I'm doing myself. We'll see how it goes! And guess who I get to take on exchanges? Sister Gison! :) I get to see my child again! 

Yesterday we really saw the blessings of fasting! The Suelen family whom we've been visiting for 7 months came to church for the first time on Sunday. And following them in through the door was an investigator we had taught for the first time the previous day. It was so unexpected but I was so happy and filled with the spirit that I bounced right up to the pulpit to bear my testimony. After the meeting, a visitor asked me if I was an albino Filipino. I guess Tagalog isn't really a problem anymore so that's a relief. 

And the blessings continued after that. Brother Jeff, our ward mission leader, worked with us after church. Usually we don't work without breaking our fasts first but we decided we wanted the extra blessings so we stuck it out. I was glad because we visited Brother Butch (who is actually the uncle of my trainer, Sister Surio! SMALL WORLD!), who has been a drug addict his whole life. He always talks about how he and his sister see spirits and Satan talks to him and stuff. Pretty bizarre guy... the only reason we came back to him was because he told us he wants to erase his past through the church. Luckily Brother Jeff faced a ton of people like Butch on his mission so he was able to help us. We taught Butch about the power of the atonement and the power of prayer, he was really excited. He couldn't figure out why he felt good when we were there and then the feeling left with us. He was ecstatic to accept a baptismal date after we explained that he can have that feeling always through the gift of the holy ghost. He asked if he could be baptized on Wednesday, bless his heart. His 2 neighbors who sat in to listen also accepted dates on the first lesson. Then we visited Takder and he said that after he watched a scary movie, he couldn't sleep for 2 nights and then he remembered what we taught about prayer. So he prayed, fell asleep and had a dream that Jesus Christ was walking him through the blackness. I'm so amazed at how close that kid is to the spirit. His parents fed us dinner so we caved at 7:30 and broke our fasts. Another blessing, it was delicious. ;) 

This morning was an adventure! I accidentally forgot about some wet sheets from a month ago and spent hours cleaning all the black mold. We also went through 2 cans of Bigon exterminating our apartment. My new companion couldn't handle the filth so she opened up the cabinets and tried to clean it all out when an explosion of cockroaches erupted. It was so disgusting. Then the cabinet doors fell off and we were all freaking out and stomping all the cockroaches we could catch. If that wasn't fun enough, she cleaned the bathroom too and found that our non-flushing toilet is full of black water inside the tank and there are things living in it. I'm not sure what's in there but I'm not touching it.

Sister Wilson

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