Monday, April 21, 2014

Funny story, I almost forgot!

Funny story, I almost forgot!

So a few days ago, we were with the Sister Training Leaders at a ward missionary's house. Well the ward missionary was not well off. They had no furniture, dirt floor, the only thing they had was this wood bench which was home made. We all sat down on it and immediately fell back and everyone screamed. We felt horrible for ruining their only piece of furniture so we frantically tried to put it back together. Then when that fiasco was over we asked if we could borrow a shovel for our service project. As the ward missionary went to go get it, she slid into a gutter and we heard a huge splash. Then the smell came. It was the worst smell we had ever smelled in our lives. She was freaking out and she threw her shoes away. Then she tells us, "This is where we buried my dog... 3 months ago." She fell into a puddle of dead dog soup. Oh man, so gross. Never a dull moment in the Philippines. Just thought I'd share. You're welcome. XD

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