Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy belated Easter!

This week was hard... P-day week continues! (It's caused us all to get super trunky!) It was holy week so the streets were deserted and everyone was out of town or swarming the Catholic church/Iglesia ni Cristo. We got punted around all day for two days in a row and had very little work but we got some good potential investigators from OYMing. My companion and I have started a game where if someone mentions the fact that I'm a foreigner, we have to OYM them. It definitely works. We also had a city-wide water shortage and my companion and I are both sick with colds. The Lord is definitely watching over us though because we weren't supposed to have water for 5 days. We filled up kiddie pools, buckets, every container we had, and then our water never got turned off. What a blessing... it would have been difficult.

Recently we started trying new finding activities and it just so happens that a brother in the ward who taught English proficiency to elementary school teachers offered Sister Surio and I to teach music. So we're teaching teachers how to sing and read music. It's a lot of fun and we're gonna have them sing in sacrament meeting in a month. Hopefully we can get referrals or even new people to teach from that group of people. 

On Tuesday we got to do a community service project, it was a blast. We built a wall out of stones next to a cliff to make it safer for those who lived next to it to walk there. The elders wouldn't allow us to carry the rocks so the sister in charge just had us go and do garbage cleanup. There's no system of waste collection in the Philippines so everyone just burns their garbage and it gets everywhere. It ended up being really fun though because once the little kids noticed us all outside, they swarmed. They all brought bags and started helping us as much as they could, bless their hearts. They were so cute. After we finished we just sat and played games with them. It was a great experience.

I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend. It was a tough Easter for us - basically a normal day plus  bishop volunteering us for a musical number on the spot (we are both sick) and then nobody would let us in when we went out to work. But it really helped me to focus on the Savior and what he went through for me.  I especially hope everyone took some time to remember the atonement and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Without him overcoming the obstacle of death for us, we would not be able to receive a fulness of joy. I love each and every one of you! 

Sister Wilson

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