Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Alright, here's a shout-out to all of you to stay SAFE. I want to see you all again in a year and I hear of a brain surgery, a broken wrist, a case of pneumonia and my sister exploring caves in the night with a group of teenagers?! Not cool. Knock it off! :P My prayers for you can only go so far!
Sorry I'm emailing late, again... We had temple p-day which is always on a Wednesday. Nothing like waking up at 2 AM in missionary life. It was great though! Does anyone know why they changed the temple film again? I thought the new one was only like a little over a year old. I really liked the new one but I wonder what they're trying to emphasize in the new one. Does anyone have any thoughts/input?
It was a good week, as usual. We had zone interviews in which President Sperry gave his final workshop before he goes home. It's the one he saves to give the missionaries leaving, but since he's the one leaving, he decided to give it to us all at once so we'd all get the change to have it. It was about... wait for it... marriage! Everything from why the family fulfills the measure of the earth's creation to how what we are doing here as missionaries will make our future with our spouse and kids that much better later on. We had a pretty trunky zone afterward, especially those leaving in June. At the end, I prepared a song at the request of the STL's to sing for Pres. and Sister Sperry. We sang "We are Sowing" to the tune of Sally DeFord's arrangement of "Come Thou Fount." There wasn't a dry eye in the room after the song. We got our formal goodbye from them at the end and it was hard. Even though I've known them for a short time they feel like my parents away from home. But we couldn't leave because it started to pour rain and storm outside. So we read our mail until it cleared up. The zone leaders and the AP's pulled a prank on our zone... it was a pretty good one, too. They convinced almost all of us that President Sperry was organizing a going away party and that it would be a dance and that we all had to bring dates. So the elders were trying to ask sisters to a made up dance and people actually believed it. They almost had me... but they killed it when they tried to pass it off as President's own idea. He won't even let us listen to EFY music because some of it has romantic overtones and he's gonna throw a dance? Yeah right.
Saturday was probably the highlight of our week. We have this investigator that we deemed clinically crazy. But last Sunday, he came to church! And after that, he got a job! He accredited that to his going to church so he read the pamphlet we gave him and asked to be baptized. I thought he had a mental disorder but we came back to give him another chance and he showed that he can control himself and he listened to the whole lesson. The next Sunday he shows up in a white shirt and slacks, brought his BoM, took the sacrament and paid attention. His countenance completely changed. When we met him, he wouldn't even wear a shirt at all. He smoked, made fun of us, couldn't control his comments. I'm amazed. The Lord prompted us to give him one last try and a miracle happened. Sunday was also a great day as far as less actives go. We saw 4 LAs we've been trying to get to church since my first day here. When they walked in, I was so happy - I feel like it was a small glimpse of the love Heavenly Father feels for all of us, especially when we follow him.
Anyway, I'm really trying to be more culturally inclined so I've eaten some scary things lately... pink shrimp paste in my rice, coagulated blood, liver in my pancit, I even had my first burol fight which is where they put palm leaves down to cover the table, pour the rice out onto it and you put your ulam (whatever you eat your rice with) on the side and use your hands. It was really fun! I don't like de-boning my fish but it was fun getting messy. I also bought a daster to sleep in - the old lady dresses all the nanay's wear and it's pretty liberating. Sister Surio and I joke about opening a daster store in Utah and calling it either "The Modest Nanay" or "Modaster." Heheh...
Last night we had the greatest lesson! We're teaching a family who isn't quite ready to receive the gospel but their cousins are. The youngest girl in that family has had one or two previous lessons with us and we took her to church on Sunday; she was instantly fellow shipped by the young women. We watched the restoration video with the whole family and the whole time I prayed really hard that they would feel the spirit and know it was true. As soon as it ended, she said, "I believe it all," and all 3 sisters accepted a baptismal date. I love this work! 

Thanks for the postcards so far! I got one from Sister Brown in New Mexico and one from Taylor in Vancouver, Canada. Keep sending them! :) I love you all!
Sister Wilson

P.S. What do you get when you cross 3 Americans and a bench?
.....  a broken bench. 

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