Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Well, not a lot has happened since temple p-day on Wednesday so I'm not sure what to say. I'm still alive! These last few days we've just been punted around a lot having very few teaching appointments. 

We DID, however, have our mission-wide conference which was fantastic. I've never seen the whole mission together, it was huge. Elder Christensen and Elder Ardern of the 70 and their wives spoke, as well as President and Sister Sperry as kind of a farewell talk. It was sooo intimidating for my companion and I to do our musical number in front of them. They all had a Q&A for us and it was really cool. Everyone says that President has never cried before, but he definitely cried in his talk. "This swelling in my heart... the love that I feel for all of you... it's unreal." Ghaaaa. I don't want them to leave. The main message I picked up from the general authorities was diligence. Kind of a stab to my conscience, so I know it was what I was meant to hear. If we aren't diligent, we will be held accountable. I've been given 18 months to serve with all my heart, might, mind and strength, and then the rest of my life to think about HOW I served. Time to start working harder! 

Afterward our zone went out to eat and we found... wait for it... CHILI'S! A brand spankin' new Chili's that looked just like America inside. We all spent like 700 pesos on ribs and lemonade and french fries and just went to town and loved every second. They were even playing American TV shows and they made us balloon swords. We were pretty much in heaven. When we walked out we were all hurting from how full we were. But next door, they had a cheesecake restaurant!!! REAL cheesecake and we just couldn't resist! So we all had cheesecake afterward and I felt like throwing up but it was the most glorious delicious cheesecake I've ever had and I regret nothing. 

Well that's pretty much it... Take care. :)

Sister Wilson

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