Wednesday, June 18, 2014

05/18/2014 Maraming mga damdamin...

What more can I say than I've already said? It's been yet another wonderful week. We found out this week that last month was the highest baptizing month in the history of QCN Mission. President Sperry gets to go out with a bang! I'm so glad that he gets to leave the mission in such a good condition. He more than deserves it. SJDM zone is on fire right now. We've really been pushing the member oriented proselyting program and it really really works! 
We had my last followup training this week and it was wonderful, as usual. Sister Sperry talked about how opportunities for growth almost always come in the form of challenges but that because we are on the Lord's errand, we are entitled to the Lord's help. The zone leaders talked about attitude... it miiight have been a poke in the conscience to everyone. They approached the topic with the question, "What problems are you facing right now that couldn't be helped by adjusting your attitude?" It's so true. Attitude is everything! My batch is pretty quiet so I was answering most of the questions. I'm glad though because now President will remember me. ;) One of the senior couples brought up the idea to him of having Sister Surio and I travel around the zones teaching music in different wards and he's gonna think on it. We finished the meeting with yummy AMERICAN pizza. Wahoo! 

For our service this week, we built a house! Yep. It was the hardest work I've ever done. They took us to a cliff and told us to start digging a trench 4-5 feet deep in the noon-day sun. It was hard to find a place to stand with it being so close to the edge and the ground disappearing around us. It was the 6 of us sisters who got to work first. I was sweating so hard that my shirt was completely soaked through and sweat was dripping off my head into my eyes. The ground wasn't very forgiving. Then we had to move cinderblocks. Lots and lots and LOTS of cinderblocks. In addition to that we had to shovel cement mix and carry it in buckets to the location that they needed to mix it in. THEN they had us move a mountain of rocks. It took us 4 hours. It was beautiful though, the house is overlooking a big rice field. When we went out to eat afterward, we all smelled so bad that the waiters put scented candles on our tables. Haha, embarrassing...

Kind of a rough week as far as the work goes. We got punted from almost every appointment this week so we decided to contact referrals. That didn't work either. We were so tired and discouraged one day that we were going to head home when this nanay comes up behind us and asks us if we wanted some of the fruit off her tree. We asked her her name and naturally, it was the referral that we were looking for. She is a brain tumor survivor and has a huge crater in her forehead to show for it. She had a 2% chance of surviving, and she did. I know that she was spared for a reason, and I believe that it was to receive the gospel. Her testimony in Christ is incredibly strong and we were so excited to teach her, only to find out that she's leaving to live in London for 6 months. *Facepalm.* On the bright side, Jessie finally got confirmed in church on Sunday. He's our recently baptized member. His blessing was really cool; he has TB and gets really sick but he was blessed with good health to hold high callings in the church. He's so strong. I can't wait to see what he will do to build the kingdom. Also, one of the people we taught in our music class came to church AND brought his family. Yay! In terms of people, we had some investigators we thought were progressing, but they were actually being motivated by their crushes on the elders. (We had an FHE previously and brought the elders with us.) Bummer. 

When we were visiting a member a few days ago she asked us if we were getting fed by the members. We said yes, from time to time. So in her talk in church on Sunday about missionary work, she gets up and said, "Don't be afraid to share the gospel, O.Y.M. (open your mouth). But just as importantly, O.Y.H. (open your house!) and let the missionaries teach there! Work with them! Feed them dinner! They're doing the Lord's work and they need energy!" Haha it was so funny because she looked back and the elders were sleeping. Subsequently, we had 3 dinner appointments in a row that night. 

It's happening... I'm starting to need rice to complete my meals. I swore it wouldn't happen to me but it is. Oh well. :) That's all I have to say. Much love sa inyong lahat!

Sister Wilson

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