Thursday, November 13, 2014

More personal letter to her family, October 5, 2014

Hi family! 

So I went and got my hair cellophaned... absolutely no difference. Probably should have gotten a haircut first but I don't want to, it's so long! It was sooooo funny though cuz there's so many gay people, mostly men being women and they're called "bakla's." It's a trend here. So a bakla did my hair and they were so excited to have a foreignay who could speak Tagalog. Like, it was the highlight of their week.  Also, can you tell me who won the BYU Aggies game? It was on in the chapel as we were waiting for women's conference and I was the only one who understood the significance or even what it was. ;) 

Can you guys send me pictures of fall? I miss fall. :'( No matter what season it's always the peak of June here. We started singing Christmas songs in sacrament meeting this week and Christmas trees started going up at the end of September. Please shoot me now?

I have a question. Did any of you think I could handle my mission? I'm just wondering your thoughts as you sent me off on my mission. I didn't realize what I was getting into but I'm getting to my half way mark next month! I can't believe I'm doing it. Crazy. 

Mom, as for your concern, I got the opportunity of having scripture study with President and Sister Bertin in their home right before we went to bed that night when the 5 of us sisters slept at the mission home. We just went around in a circle and shared a verse from our personal study and why it touched us and it lead to a discussion and bringing up spiritual experiences and other conference talks and it was amazing. If everyone takes it seriously and you invite the spirit through prayer, it will be a good experience. 

Lauren, I've thought about your concern a lot too. When me and all of my house mates are praying at the same time, I'm wondering, "How does Heavenly Father hear and answer all of us at the same time as well as everyone else in the world that is praying right now?" Heavenly Father is our creator, and we have a veil over our eyes. It's meant to be that way and we're not meant to understand everything. That's the test of life, to see if we'll have faith. But he's omnipotent. He can make mountains move. He doesn't have limited capabilities like we do. We're weak, pathetic humans who can't even begin to comprehend all that he can. He has our whole lives planned out, we just don't know it. So why wouldn't he be able to hear the prayers of his children simultaneously? He doesn't have a veil over his mind, he's not confined to a mortal body, and he knows us and our hearts individually. As it says in the BOM, God is still a God of miracles. :)

I love you all! Dad, I'm glad you had a great trip and hope you get home safely. I've made it a goal this week to take more pics of the culture and cool things you guys might enjoy so you can see more of what life is like here. Signing off!\


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