Thursday, November 13, 2014

November 9, 2014

Nakakapagod ang linggo na ito... ano ang ginagawa ko dito?

I am so... tired... turns out being a leader is hard. Heheh, who would have guessed? I've been up at 3 AMmore times this week than I would like to talk about. But being a sister training leader is so much fun! Last week I got to go to MLC (mission leadership council) and discuss the status of the mission. I also conducted my first exchanges this week with the sisters who live in my apartment. I've already learned a lot from each of them and it was neat to be able to see the progress of one sister who was a trainee when I got here to where she is now. I also gave my first workshop on Saturday at a multi-zone conference. Talk about sweaty palms... it was actually a blast though. I was given the topic of using our new OYM cards in finding. It was pretty nerve wracking having 46 missionaries, the APs, and President and Sister Bertin all staring at me with a pen in hand expecting to learn something. But I quickly said a prayer and just decided to enjoy it instead and it worked. :)

Another difficult thing about this calling is that I don't get a lot of time in my area. But despite the little time in our area, our investigators have progressed! I was so pleased to discover that they're all still remembering and keeping their commitments! Last night we visited the Fontamillas family (Baby and Jun) and taught them the plan of salvation. At the end, we asked them where they would like to end up after this life Then Brother Jun with a smile put his arm around his wife and his son and said, "We understand now sisters. How does baptism work in the church?" Good grief, it sent chills up my arms and neck and we gave them a baptismal date to which they replied with an enthusiastic "of course!" This is my first time finding, teaching AND baptizing a fully in-tact, fully functional and happy family and I am beyond excited! We also have a baptism on Saturday for the 10 year old twin girls we have been teaching. They both paid their tithing yesterday just because they wanted to after reading the tithing pamphlet! They've come so far - from not wanting to wear a skirt to church and not even really wanting to listen to where they are now. They wore matching dresses in the primary program yesterday... I was so proud! 

Our recent convert, Carlota, has also grown so much since we baptized her in August. She said how before she became a member, money was always so tight and she was sad because she could never feed us (it's a Filipino custom for them to give you merienda (or snacks - AKA any food without rice) whenever you visit). She said since she started paying her tithing and fast offerings they have had extra to spare and now every time we've been back, she's had heaping plates of food ready for us when we got there. It's not so much the food that mekes me happy as much as it is the ability to see visually the fruits of someone being an honest full tithe payer. 

In case you didn't hear, the church has released a video about the teple garment and the temple clothing. It's a perfect statement on what we use them for and it's perfectly said. You can find it on the church website or on YouTube. That's all the news I have for you this week. Please enjoy these pictures of MLC. ;)

Sister Wilson

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