Tuesday, March 10, 2015


This week has been so hectic yet there's hardly anything noteworthy to report.

We weren't allowed to work on Monday because of the storm but it barely even rained. That was a bummer. We had a long list of referrals to contact that night as well so we had to bail on a bunch of appointments. Our loving zone leaders gave us our workshop topic that night, which means we had 2 hours to prepare it. We gave our workshop on virtue because there's been a question of why the numbers in the mission in both finding and teaching are so low. It was kind of awkward to give because I didn't feel like it was my place to teach about virtue but it ended up being a great workshop. We discussed the process of purifying our hearts and how to uproot the things which distract our thoughts and turn our desires against the work. Only with the help of the holy ghost could we have pulled that together in such a short time. After that, everyone was telling us it was exactly what they needed to hear. 

That afternoon the zone leaders came to our apartment to fix a bunch of the problems that have existed for about a year. They knocked them all out in about 2 hours - the fridge, the toilet, the shower, the water filter... all of it became functional again. But that took away from work time. The next day we had STL training for Sister Andres at the mission home. It's probably the only place I've been so far where it's felt like Christmas! Sister Bertin asked me to stay an extra 10 minutes after the meeting to play the Christmas music she bought... that was my kulang. It feels like Christmas now. We only had time for one appointment and it was a dinner appointment with the members. We've had so many dinner appointments this week that I think we've taught more member lessons than anything else. They have been so generous to us and I'm so grateful. I haven't had to buy groceries for 2 weeks. This appointment was with an old couple. The wife had a stroke a while back and her husband dedicates all his time and energy to caring for her. She shared with us about how the atonement has helped her cope with the effects. I was so touched by the two of them that I couldn't bear to leave without cleaning up their kitchen for them. We had to leave immediately after to pack and leave for exchanges again. It was an absolute blast. I love going with the trainees. I can see drastic improvement from their first transfer of training until now. In this calling you really get the best of both worlds. You learn, you help others learn, you make really close friends and you get to watch them grow. I can't even explain the feeling. 

Friday we found a new apartment! Our bishop pointed one out that is brand new and cheaper than the crappy one we've suffered in so they got us right out. We talked to the office about it and they came immediately. It all happened so fast that the zone and the office elders came over this morning to move us out. Yay! No more cockroach attacks! In fact, we even have a shower head now! And the toilet flushes. I'm in heaven. Pictures soon to come.

Sige, inubos ko ang lahat ng sasabihin ko. Basta, MALIGAYANG PASKO! Malapit na! Sana magkakaroon kayo ng maayos na holiday at paalala: si Jesucristo mismo ang regalo sa sanglibutan. Mahal na mahal ko kayo at pinagdarasal ko kayo tuwing araw. Ingat.

Sister Wilson

PS - this is the picture of the former mission president of Quezon City before it split into 2 missions. They visited Malolos the other month.

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