Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Inaku, I have another child.

Woooo, I'm training again! Not sure what's gonna happen yet but I got the email. I'll send more update next TUESDAY because it's transfer week. (That's for you, mom.)

I'm feeling terribly lazy so I'm just gonna paste an excerpt from my letter to President Bertin. (See below)

I have a cold and I want to go home so this is all for this week. 

Sister Wilson

...  Our baptismal candidate was out of town this week so we had to push the baptism back to this weekend. Takder has grown up in the church but his parents are sort of less active. They told him that when he came of age to be baptized, they would let him decide if he had the desire or not to be baptized. If not, they would wait until he wanted to be baptized and then have the missionaries teach him. Takder is only 11 right now, and it started being a social desire because he was the only boy going into young men's without being baptized. As we've taught him the gospel, his enthusiasm for it has skyrocketed. He tells us every visit how neat he thinks the Book of Mormon is and how much he loves the stories. I'm hoping and praying that he will remember his feelings right now and stay active despite what his parents may do or say.

Because of the holidays our investigators and less actives have been largely unavailable, and not reading or praying. Without the constant strengthening from the missionary lessons and the nourishment from The Book of Mormon/prayer, their testimonies have dimmed. We're working right now to build it back up. As one of our very most progressing said, "My faith is back down to 0. I'm back to square 1." But it also builds my testimony because it shows how much of a difference it makes when people feel the Holy Ghost on a weekly basis.

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