Tuesday, March 10, 2015


I found this hilarious. They passed by a goat farm and started recreating the front of the restoration pamphlet.

The best zone EVER.  :)
Us and Takder, who was baptized last weekend!
Our last coordination meeting... :'( Those were so fun.
Our dunkin' donuts run afterward! :D We found one by our house!

After 1 birthday, 2 apartments, 2 different leadership callings, 3 holidays, 3 companions, 4 different elders in the ward, 5 house mates, 6 months, many disappointments and countless miracles, I'm leaving Malolos. It's been absolutely wonderful. 

I feel like I've grown up as a missionary in this area. The ward and the people I've taught have become so dear to me. I feel like we have really gained their trust. When I came here, the members were very cold to us. Now it's very different. People are (literally) leading their friends to us by the hand and asking us to teach them right then and there. Last Sunday we had 5 members approach us after our meetings and give us referrals. It will be hard to say goodbye here after 6 months and all I've experienced. They never told me in my call letter that I'd have to leave home more than once! But I'm also grateful to start again and meet new people. I'm also grateful that I've been able to fulfill my purpose by leaving this ward much better than I've found it. My favorite experience was completing two different part-member families through baptism and seeing a handful of less-actives regain their faith in Jesus Christ. There are also 3 investigators that are ready to be harvested in the next 2 or 3 weeks. They are so obviously prepared by the Lord that I'm overjoyed that we have found them.

I'm transferring to... drum roll please... Fairview! I will be opening the Batasan Hills 2 C area with my trainee, who I will meet tomorrow. It's literally an open area, as in nobody has ever worked there before. I will be the first, I'm sweating bullets. I will definitely be learning and growing a lot because all I have to go off of is the ward members. I also have no house mates to help me, we are alone. The area is affectionately known as... Bundok ng Basura... meaning mountain of garbage... because there are literally 3 enormous mountains made up of garbage. It's famous. And the place wreaks. Most of my area is squatters so it will definitely be a different experience. I'm trying to be excited. I don't have that much time to write but that's my update for now. I love you all as much as flies love basura. <33 Pray for me please...

Sister Wilson

Attached: Malolos 2nd ward missionaries at bishop's house for dinner last night

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