Sunday, August 3, 2014


Grabe, ang init!
It's so hot. I can't even focus to write this email so I apologize in advance if this one doesn't make sense.
It's been one of the best weeks of my mission thus far. At church yesterday we had almost every single one of our investigators at church. In fact, we had 3 investigators there an hour before church even started and were able to teach them. Member fellowshippers are the KEY! Each one of them had their own friend with them at church and looking at them all together from the front of the chapel nearly made me tear up.
One of the senior missionaries organized a CSP this week in the other sisters' ward. We planted a community vegetable garden with their bishopric as a means of helping the members learn to become more self-sufficient. It was really cool except that the crazy person who tried to follow us home a few months ago found me and followed me again... I think I have a stalker! Kinda freaky but don't tell... he's harmless. Lol. On the way out to work after the project, we were approached by a lady we didn't recognize. She said she was a member and had a daughter who was baptized in 2012 but they hadn't been to church in a year because they didn't know where the chapel was or when church started. So she took us to her house to teach them and it her daughter was super sweet. After the lesson they said they had a referral for us so we taught the daughter's friend. They both came to church the next day and had a wonderful experience!
We have 7 people lined up for baptism right now, but the First Presidency just made changes to missionary work and now we are required to teach lesson 5 before baptism so we have to push it back a little bit. Ayos lang! I'm so excited for them all.
I challenge everyone this week to look for the Lord's hand in their lives just a little bit more. If you look closely, you'll see that more miracles are happening than you think. I know that's been the case for me. I love you all.
Sister Wilson

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