Sunday, August 3, 2014

Bye-bye SJDM. 07/28/2014

It's transfer week!

Which actually means something to me this time because I'm finally leaving my first area! Tomorrow I'm leaving to Malolos, which is one of the only provinces in our mission and I'm so excited! It's very far away from anything here, so sadly I won't get temple day anymore. Malolos is the province my trainer (Sister Surio) was born in and she has family that lives there in the ward I'm going to! There's lots of beautiful rice terraces and it's away from the city. Everyone says that the work over there is fantastic. My new companion will be Sister Mabini - YAY! My first truly Filipino companion! She goes home after this transfer so I'm gonna have to get to know the area really quickly. 

I'm gonna miss La Mesa so much. Last night, Sister Kalama and I went around and I said my goodbyes to the investigators and members I've come to love so much. We took lots of pictures together and I may have cried a little... All the people we are teaching are people that Heavenly Father allowed me to find and teach almost all the way to lesson 5 and the growth and change in their countenances I have seen has grown my testimony more than anything in my life. Unfortunately, their baptismal dates are scheduled for next week, so I barely miss it. But I'm so thankful that I was able to accomplish what the Lord wanted me to in this area. I feel that with his help I was able to leave it better than I found it. 

The bishop asked me to give a "farewell talk" in church last Sunday and so I based it off of the new mission president's theme, becoming a disciple of Christ. It went so much better than the last talk I gave my first transfer... I'm glad I got a chance to redeem myself!

With all the craziness of transfers I did my laundry by hand for the first time this morning... may you all take a minute and thank our father in heaven for washers and dryers. No joke. It was awful. 

That's all the news I have for you! Have a great week. 

Sister Wilson

P.S. This picture is of Joyce and Nadel, the ones being baptized next week. Love them!

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