Sunday, August 3, 2014

07/23/2014, Typhoon Glenda

It was a little windy this week.

That's all I have to say about typhoon Glenda. Heheh, just kidding. But I'll tell you about the other  stuff first.

We finally met our new mission president this week. He received a warm welcome to the Philippines with a typhoon that took a tree down in their backyard almost going through the roof. He and his wife are so great. I already love them. His wife is the peppy stylish socialite who can talk to anyone about anything, and he is the spitting image of what you'd picture a doctor as -- which, I guess is fitting, he's an orthopedic surgeon. He'll be putting that skill to good use in this mission! He's at least 6 foot 5 and ready to get things done. Very knowledgeable with a fresh perspective on everything - he's not afraid to change things and I love it. He and his wife complement each other perfectly. Their "theme" for the mission is becoming disciples of Christ. 

So I'll be honest, we've hardly worked at all this week. As our zone called it, we had "P-week" again due to the typhoon that hit Manila last Wednesday. They announced it in our district meeting and told us we were not allowed to leave the house that day so we went out and bought lots of food that night. The day of the storm, our power went out first thing in the morning and then our apartment flooded in the basement where me and my companion sleep. It wasn't severe but it was bad enough. Luckily none of my things got ruined. The storm stopped around 6 PM and we were given permission to tell our families that we were ok. We also got to go out to eat since there was no electricity to cook. Neither did anyone else in the area so everywhere was packed. That night was pretty creepy because our neighborhood is already pretty dimly lit, so walking home was like being in a scary movie. We had to use candles around the house and all 6 of us sisters got scared and slept in the same room with no fan. (I wouldn't recommend it.) The next day, we still had no power but we had a meeting with the president. As we were going home, we got a call saying the AP's were gonna pick us up to sleep at the mission home because it's dangerous for sisters when there is no power because there is more crime. So President Bertin ordered American pizza for us and we had dinner with them and all of the office elders. All of us sisters got to take hot showers and sleep in the air conditioning. We even had real milk and cereal in the morning. (It's been a long time, ok?) They were happy to have us back the next night but unfortunately the power came back right as we were leaving. 

Anyway, we didn't get to work in our area because there was still no power over there. There was quite a bit of damage but nobody was hurt. We were not allowed to participate in community service cleaning because it can be dangerous with electrical wiring and water. We finally got back to work on Monday which was great. I had exchanges with Sister Porter and we got to visit all of our most progressing. My testimony has grown so much watching these people change in their countenance as we have continued to teach them. I'm really hoping I don't transfer this Wednesday because I desperately want to see them be baptized, especially Nadel. 

Thank you to the Brown family and also Elder Hammond for the sweet postcards! The wall is getting bigger! :)

Thank you also for the prayers. I feel very reassured knowing that people back home are remembering me in them. I love you all very much! Take care!

Sister Wilson

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