Sunday, August 3, 2014

First Transfer 06/22/2014

I'm back!

Again. Time goes by so quickly I can hardly believe it. My first transfer to have a new companion. I'm so happy with how the transfer turned out! My new comp is Sister Kalama from Oahu, Hawaii! I continue to get ethnic beauties for my companions and I'm just that white girl next to her with no culture. ;) She's great! We have 6 sisters in our apartment so it's a little cramped but it's so much fun. 5/6 of us are Americans which is practically unheard of. The elders next door are from Sandy and West Jordan. Which means that 3/4 missionaries in our ward are within a 10 minute drive of each other. It's unreal.

I'm leading La Mesa now and it's been seriously challenging (I have so much more respect for the senior comps now), but I've gained so much confidence in myself. The work is a little bit slow at the present time. We're trying to find investigators who will actually progress because the pool we have right now isn't really progressing at all. In fact, we got a text last night from one saying that now that Sister Surio is gone, he no longer wants to "join with us." People just don't get it. It's really hard to see people reject the truth when you know it's exactly what they're looking for and how much it can change their lives. But it doesn't matter how well you explain it if they aren't prepared. So for now, we're planting seeds until they're ready to be harvested. Please pray for us. Our ward is suffering in attendance and we're doing everything we can. One of our focuses this transfer will be strengthening less actives and the ward itself so they can help us in turn. 

That's basically it. It's raining a lot and we're exhausted but couldn't be happier. :) I love you! 

Sister Wilson

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