Sunday, August 3, 2014

Three emails from Kenna after the typhoon. She's okay. :)

Hi family!

Yes, we just had a big typhoon and it hit us pretty hard but we are all fine. We heard about it at district meeting yesterday and they told us that today we would not be allowed to leave the apartment. So we stayed in the entire day; the storm is finally over so President gave us permission to go and email. The damage is pretty severe to the area. Lots of uprooted trees and ripped up road. There is absolutely no power anywhere; it's pitch black where we live and it's pretty eerie but also kind of cool how all the street markets are lit with candles. When we woke up this morning, our room started flooding. The water came up pretty high and then the power went out so we haven't been able to cook or eat. Our fridge defrosted itself and our food is going bad... so we just wrote letters and ate snack foods today. It was actually really fun to sleep in and stay in pajamas and watch the storm! I'm here for half an hour if you would like to talk. :) I love you all!


Any takers...? I'm literally sitting here waiting for somebody to reply. XD Hello, your daughter has just been through a tropical storm and you don't want to talk to her?! I'm trying to think of what else I could say... umm... well, my bedroom is still flooded and I had to take a cold bucket shower in the DARK. Haha, try THAT sometime. Also, the Philippines is pretty cold today. The sky looks weird. The malls are absolutely packed with people who have no electricity to cook food but the streets are completely deserted. It's way weird. Our fans don't work, our fridge is out, no street lights or anything. I'm scared to go home. :P Us and the elders were going to have Shakey's pizza delivered to our apartment but they're closed gosh dangit. We're gonna go home and do facials. No work tomorrow because we have our Meet the President meeting. I wish someone would talk to me... mom, how did you already know about the storm?


Dangit... I just realized it's like 5 AM in the US right now. I suppose you're justified in not answering me. ;) Mom, how did you know it was gonna happen? I had a feeling you would. I'm so tired of not going out to work! We had to come home early to buy food last night because the one night we needed the money to come into our accounts, it didn't until 6 PM. I recorded the typhoon from my bedroom window so you could see how bad it was but I left my camera at home. It's kind of scary because if you walk through flood water you could get electrocuted and die so we're not allowed to walk through those areas, and we're not allowed to do any service because it's dangerous. Anyways... there's your update. Sorry it came in 3 different emails. Wish I could have talked to you, hope you're sleeping well. ;P

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